Angels & Demons

"We are so alone in this world, that even angels and demons have taken to dining together"

My friends and enemies call me Alastor
You might as well say that no-one calls me...
I have no friends and my enemies are no more!

I am interested in Magic, and so are you, it would seem. I must admit having a soft spot for Black Magic. If I did not know Agrippa's occult secrets, I would be accused of "professional" misconduct by my superiors, because committing evil is much more than a hobby for me, it has been my "job" since the dawn of time, since that famous night when "Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels... And prevailed not" (Revelation 12:7,8), since that brief defeat that hung by a divine thread but which forced my Master to leave the Kingdom of Heaven and cast him along with his followers into the depths of the earth, since that fall which turned me from an anonymous angel into the cruellest of demons. As Antoine Rivarol so rightly put it, "a demon"? 'Tis an angel that has endured hardship, a migrant angel".

It is said that I am an assassin, an executioner... which is true. As chief executioner for Satan and his Infernal Court, I am often called upon to eliminate someone. My Master has so many enemies that he need merely give the order... and I execute (in all senses of the word).
It is said that I am cruel and harsh... which once again is true. As an incubus, a practitioner of blood magic and a dispenser of pain, it is not really surprising. What do you expect, I love magic and the power of blood. I am not likely to change at my age. Although I "work" solely for the glory of my Master, there is no reason why I should not take pleasure in my job and add some variety to the tasks at hand. Having said that, I must admit that my favourite weapons remain the sword and the whip.

People may speak ill of me to their hearts' content... it will always be true and may even fall short of the whole Truth. In ancient Roman demonology, my name was coined to refer to evil household spirits, so-called "familiar spirits"; that was nice of them, but I find that their use of my name was rather simplistic and hardly flattering. Thank Satan that the ancient Greeks used Alastor to mean "avenging God", literally "he who does not forget"; now that is more like me. Above all, I am a nemesis; just as the Goddess of the same name personifies divine vengeance in Greek mythology, I incarnate malicious justice. Since the dawn of Time and for Eternity.

I admit that this portrait does not do me any justice, but it is faithful nonetheless.
To prevent you from going away with a poor image of me, I shall offer you another ritual:

In this ritual, Nemesis, the goddess of fate and vengeance, plays the role of the complementary opposite of one's ego, referring to the inner self as the centre of both personalities. Habits and actions that go against one's real desires create opposites to the same degree and thereby form an anti-personality of one's ego, identified in this case with the principle of Nemesis.
On the plane of reality, problems due to actions committed against one's subconscious desires can be eliminated through a union ritual with this personal brother-demon or sister-demon and enable everyone to reach his/her inner self. By definition, the effect of this ritual, if performed correctly, is fatal. Consequently, the ritual is strictly limited to the part of the psyche that the magician wishes to explore. During this ritual, a sigil representing this part of the psyche is forcibly activated, so that the magician may look for the answers to his/her problems within the part of the personality that he/she has chosen to explore. For this purpose, no specific desire or wish can be used, as this restriction is required to prevent the magician from being overwhelmed by undesirable effects. The magician must be fully aware of this when constructing the sigil.


1. Banishment.

2. The ritual is performed in a sitting position on the floor in the posture of the Peorth rune.
The head may rest on the lower part of the arms and the face must be covered by the robe's cowl.

3. Statement of one's intent:
"With the help of this sigil, it is my will to reach the centre of my self by union with my opposite"

4. The incantation is spoken while visualising a winged figure of the opposite sex approaching the magician.
The figure wears the chosen sigil on its breast and is both beautiful yet terrifying.

5. Incantation:

Come to me, O Nemesis, mighty and terrifying beloved sister
Come to me, O Nemesis, you who are the goddess of my god, you who are the demon of my demon
Come to me, O Nemesis, you who are the demon of my god, you who are the goddess of my demon
Come to me, O Nemesis, you who are the part of me that I am not
Come to me, O Nemesis, you who are the counterbalance on the scales of my fate
Come to me, O Nemesis, you whose wings carry us to our mutual central Kia
Come to me, O Nemesis, you who are my ultimate fear, you who are my ultimate desire
Come to me, O Nemesis, you with whom to unite is the sigh of ecstasy and the silence of death
Come to me, O Nemesis, for you are my path and I am your aim,
I call upon you to meet me in this sigil
Come to me, O Nemesis, and guide me through this sigil to our mutual central Kia

Start hyperventilating when reading out the incantation.
The visualised figure with the sigil comes closer and closer
to finally melt into your own body. When that happens, shout out:

(I move the wings of the secret wisdom within me!)

6. Banishment and/or laughter

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